Presently, Ray Gatica lives in Humble, Texas after living in Waterbury Connecticut after growing up in Phoenix AZ. Glendale Community College, Glendale Arizona, where he initiated his art studies consisting of Art, Graphic Design and Life Drawing (studying the human form was his favorite).

Having been born  in Sinton, Texas, in 1953, near Corpus Christi, he is a Texas native,

On Style: His personal style is considered "New Deco", Impressionistic, Modern and Avant-Garde. Being heavily influenced by the Art Deco period of the 1920s and 30s. The art and themes include various forms of art i.e. Jazz, Music, Architecture, Haute Couture/Fashion and the ultimate art form - the ‘Human’ form. Gatica’s stylized, exaggerated male and female forms are distinctively 'Gatica'. They are usually forefront and center of his Collectible Fine Art and past mural works. Some of his influences are Erte, Vargas, and Warhol.

AS commercial, independent artist he has continued his studies.  His personal collection consists of modern Jazzy Digital Art, Airbrush Art on paper and metal; stylized figurative art - inspired and reflective of the Art Deco period.  The collection further consists of various concepts and ideas that have been developed to various degrees.

Having been a freelance commercial artist for over 35 years, has afforded him the ability to paint and experiment with assorted unconventional mediums and techniques, with the emphasis on crating original works. In between creating for clients, I created for myself-to suit my personal. This consisted of exploring and experimenting with assorted non-conventional mediums, always with the emphasis on originality to suit my Avant Garde taste.

Along with painting, I went off on tangents to develop marketable conceptual children’s characters. For example, The Official Baby Watcher” (TheOBW). is one of those creations. It was a side project that I conceived, and have been developing for over 30 years. By development I mean writing and illustrating a children’s story and defining, and putting a concept behind it. There are a few more of these conceptual characters for example, Officer Luv child, Dr. Peti-Luv child.

You can see the self-diagnosed ‘ADHD Artist’s, eclectic oeuvre, amassed over thirty years at the following link: