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Title: Virgin of Guadalupe
Airbrushed Metal Art panel
Virgin Of Guadalupe Painting for Sale
For sale

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Above Title: "Texy"  as in 
Sexy Texas Cowgirl

Above Title: Light my Fire
Jazzy Flame Job


Airplane Nose Art
Title: Estatic Essie
24 X 36" tall
Urethane on Aluminum
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Title: Turning up the Heat

The above panels measure 29.5inches (W) X 49.5 inches (H), and weigh approx. 15 Lbs.

For information on these pieces email:
Or call Ray Gatica at 281-441-9714

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    Artist, Ray Gatica has been airbrushing for over twenty years. He has created airbrush art on on motorcycles, van cars airplanes and boats. But doing these jazzy art in these collectible metal pieces has been a recent high light in his career. These pieces are painted using automotive  basecoats with a polyurethane clear coat finish. Think of it as high art with a shiny slick hard finish. These are the most recent pieces in this medium.

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All images below are for sale. The original or prints are available.

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