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Houston, TX - As a commission artist, with over twenty years creating art, one winds up getting a variety of requests for creating art off different ideas from clients and art customers. By doing different kinds of art - it allows artist to expand their horizons and artistic talents and capabilities.

Some of our past memorable ideas was painting a Texas theme on a coffin, airbrushing on curtains to match the existing textile patterns, repainting large paintings for interior designers to change the colors of a painting to match a certain décor, and repairing painted commercial and residential murals…we have also painted furniture to make them newer or to make them look old, worn and anti-quish. 

Our latest commissioned art was this past Christmas; we were commissioned by a Houston, client to paint a piece of nose art like the ones they used to have in the old war bird planes in  WWII. The commissioned art piece was going to be a Christmas gift for her husband, a world war aviator, buff, enthusiast. The clients usually have input on parameters as far as size, she suggested a camouflage background, and that the pin up girl be a luscious, curvaceous, red head. I decided to execute the painting on a 24” X 36” high, piece sheet of aluminum and airbrush the art. The piece now proudly, hangs in the client’s husband’s man cave. (Go to see art piece)

According to a past client of mine, from Katy, Texas, that had been interviewed by the Houston Chronicle newspaper a few years back - she made the comment that to have an custom art piece created by a commission artist - was scary and unnerving, Artist. Artist, Ray Gatica understands this. This is why he tries to connect with the clients by getting as much information as he can from the clients before starting.  Usually I start any commission piece by listening to the client’s input. This helps me visualize their vision so I can keep my vision in line with theirs.

The client usually has a vision of what they expect says Gatica, this is why it is important to tap into that vision.. By doing this the artist can allay fears or anxiety about the commission work. Plus in the end, it makes it better for both the client and artist.

For me, it is very important, that we part amicably, says Gatica. I have been asked to change colors on a piece even after it has been days since the piece has been finished and delivered. I don’t mind, because with my experience, color changes are usually minor and can be done easily.

Commission Artist pricing varies depending on such factors as: size, subject matter, height, whether a piece can be created in my studio and then transported and delivered to the clients home; or whether the painting/mural has to be created on a wall in the client’s home. We have done this too. Along with the artistic commissioned murals, Gatica also does large graphics for schools, churches and private and commercial clients.

More samples of our commissioned art pieces can be seen at Professional Commission Artist,  Commercial artist, Houston TX. From there you can see a few more samples of our works.

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