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Commercial artist and painter, Airbrush artist in Houston also provides mural and art repair. Along with creating and honing his artistic skills over the years, Gatica has repaired canvas painting, prints; and wall murals at Second Baptist Church.

At Second Baptist,( see samples below) there were over 5000 square feet of  3-dimensional props, airbrushed art and murals in the children's floor. Most of the art was painted using the airbrush to keep a soft  feel throughout the floor. There were some large 2-D, colorful graphics made to look 3-D by shadowing and contouring with the airbrush. They were very interesting and nice looking graphics. 

The work was created by a company that also built props for Disney Land. The props were created our of fiber glass and some were also mechanical and talked.

Other props were made out of wood and built in a cartoonish, animated style like you see in some of the cartoons on Saturday mornings. They provide a very fun atmosphere in the kids floor.  

Well, as you can imagine being in a play room where kids will be jumping and playing on - the props will inevitably get used and damaged. And the wall graphics also get scratched, and worn is certain areas due to the traffic in the halls.

This is where Gatica comes in with his airbrush capabilities. Along with the painting skills Gatica also brings the ability to do minor repairs on the 3-D props and walls. After the repairs are done Gatica uses his color matching skills to spray the colors back to the props and make them look new again.

Color Matching Skills: We have the capability to match colors even painting hard to match colors. With the airbrush we are able to over lay colors to solve some color transition problems, and with our experience we are able to solve difficult color matching problems.

Visit our other Art related sites: www.AirbrushMagic.net, www.GaticaArt.com, www.MuralsandBigArt.com


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Above and Below: Samples of repaired 3-D props, and wall mural (clouds and background) Client: Second Baptist Church Houston, TX .

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