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JEBFINAL.JPG (169910 bytes)Above: This is one of our latest commissioned pieces. Recently delivered in the first of August 2014, is a conceptual art piece based on the idea the client conveyed to the artist. The client was a Personal Financial Wealth Management  Company in, Houston, TX.

At left is artist and client. 

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Above: Another one  of our recently, commissioned piecesBootshopBefore.jpg (57127 bytes) is at the Boot Shop in Humble, TX. Completed in July, 2014, It is a commercial piece, a business mural for decorative art for a business. Above: See before and after pics.  At left is the before picture, a plain white wall; and at right is the same wall with more exciting final art work, Included in the pic at rights  is the  owner, Dave Radowick, and employee, Angel. Go to read corresponding,  Houston Chronicle article. The size of the wall mural is approximately, 10  high X 25 Ft. wide. 

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by Artist Ray Gatica,
Phone: 281-441-9714 or Email

We work out of the Houston TX, area but travel to private and commercial
clients' residences in and around the state of Texas.

Below are samples of  of our most recent commissions.



Above: Puerto Rican boudoir painting; A canvas piece for a client who wanted something for here bedroom and she wanted it to depict the Puerto Rican flag. This was my version of what I thought she wanted.. She loved it.

Acrylic on canvas 30" X 40" wide