Above: Brawny Texas - A stylized TEXAS version. The idea was to have a Texas form as a “Brawny”  broad shouldered and narrow-at the-hip look". When you look at this one from the front you will see the shape is 12 inches at the top and tapers down to six inches at the bottom by the base.  This one is painted the traditional red, white and blue - Texas flag colors and is approximately 48 inches tall, 42 inches wide, and 12 inches in depth. The base measures 16 “X 19”. Even though they look heavy, this one only weighs 45 pounds. 

TEXAN sculptor.JPG (95245 bytes)

Non Airbrush Feathered Edge: The client also has the option of having a airbrush feathered edge on the piece like the one on the left or they can have a non-feathered edge line the one above. Either way it is only a matter of preference.


BIG TEXAS ART Sculptures 
Original, Artistic, Light-Weight Simulated-Stone, Stucco-Sculptures


WHAT?: We love to create and experiment with assorted mediums. In this case, I wanted t sculpt without having to deal with heavy, hard to work with mediums. What you see here, are original, light weight simulated stone TEXAS sculptures are stylized pieces of art. They look like heavy stone but are light-weight so they can be moved around easily. This is just the beginning if this style of works . More assorted sculptors are coming. I am surprised not everyone  is doing it. It is fun!

Business and Private owners now you can have our attention-getting light-weight sculptures working for you. They can serve as store-front signs, commercial props, art, plant stands, or just business decor, inside or out. They make attention getting signs, props, decorative lawn ornaments for the home and garden. 

CONSTRUCTION: At the center of each sculpture is construction grade Styrofoam.  After being sculpted into the desired shape & design - nylon mesh is wrapped around the foam piece and stucco primer is applied. After allowing the stucco to dry and harden a few days, they are primed and painted. Being stucco they look a lot heavier than they are. The stucco keeps them light-weight so that they can easily be moved around the yard. The stucco also makes them sturdy, durable, and weather resistant. They make great garden, artistic, lawn or patio ornaments.   

Each sculpture is set in a cement base which makes it bottom heavy to allow it to securely stand. A metal eye hook is also placed into the base to allow it to be chained  for security.

OPTIONS:  Customers have the options of having larger ones constructed if desired; They can have them painted in the traditional TEXAS flag colors or they can choose to be left to look like natural stone like gray or light brown. They can even be made into mail box holders. We can also paint the address, name, or business name on the sculptures for a unique, attention getting business sign.  

About the Artist: These large sculptures are created by artist Ray Gatica from Humble TX. The artist has worked in the Houston Texas area for over 15 years creating mostly large art, murals and graphics. Due to the experience in working in larger scales, creating these large Sculptures has been a new fun, natural avenue for the artist.

They make fun, decorative attention getters for your home or business.

PRICES: For custom creations, prices start at approximately, $75.00 a square-foot. Prices will vary, depending on the size and depth of the custom order. The price includes material, supplies and labor to create the sculptures. To order yours we take a 50% deposit and depending on the size, we do our best to deliver your sculpture within four weeks.

Contact: Ray Gatica, 281-441-9714
Email: Ray@GaticaArt.com
Visit our website: www.GaticaArt.com

                        Order yours today!

TEXAS SculptorwEdge1.JPG (66137 bytes)

Airbrush Feathered Edge: Like the one above - The client also has the option of having a airbrushed feather edge on the piece like the one above or they can have a non-feathered edge line the one at right. 

 TEXAS W ray 2.jpg (110736 bytes)




fTEXAS ray holding smaller.jpg (104819 bytes)

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Above: TEXAN Logo Sculpture:  is about 54” inches wide and 60 inches high, by 12" top X 6.5 inches in depth lower part, with a 17”X 13” base; and weighs around 65 pounds.

TEXAS 1.jpg (140146 bytes)


Above: a smaller size: 41” inches high and 37 inches wide, by 6.5 inches in depth, with a 17”X 13” base; and weighs around 35 pounds. The finish on this is a left plain neutral color, but can be painted like the above one, or any color the clients chooses. (See below).TEXAS SculptorSansedge2.JPG (52961 bytes)

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