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  COMMISSIONED ART: Here you will see our more  recent  commissioned pieces, beginning with this this past year in descending order. 

   Fine Art Portraits, including Caricatures and Silhouette Art

  CHURCH ART: Commissioned Church Art

    Murals and Big Art
Here you will see large custom wall and canvas paintings, murals we have created over the years for Private and Commercial clients, including Large Gym Graphics.

  Art Deco style Art and Murals:   Go to see
    random Mural samples

The Lil Baby Watcher  A unique & well-rounded children's character. If you have children it is worth checking out and reading them the accompanying children's story on which it is based. It may also be a tool for minimizing sibling rivalry among small, young children.


Custom Art: Where you can see various functional art and things created while we have idle time

  New: Large TEXAS Sculptures
     Read Article
    See TEXAN Sculpture

ART LICENSING Portfolio Opportunities

GARB Page Some our Custom Garb/T-shirts

PORTFOLIO A variety of past art and design graphics 

NEW for 2015: Below you will see recent creations and experimentations we have been working during the past few months. You will see other collected natural, and man made art, curiosities and oddities of special interest to the artist. 

   Organic Abstract Stone/Rock Art  
         Sculptures based on the Receptual Art concept.

  Artistic Art PEDESTALS by Gatica  

Flat 3-D sculptures Abstract Art

4X4 Post Pedestal Samples 
Read about the: Artistic Art Pedestals & the Flat 3-D Sculptures 

  Outdoor Yard Art and Oddities strewn about outdoor the artist's yard  

Artistic Oddities: Must must see oddities:
   * "Quernitos"
   * "Freaky Leaf Mask"

  Metal Art Sculptures (Featuring artist, Harry Snodgrass) and other Yard Art,

ORIGINAL GATICA ART: Here you see exclusive Original, contemporary modern Art paintings along with  Artistic Oddities

 Jazzy Digital Art>Computer Generated Art Read on this:
The Digital Style,      
On the computer as an Art Medium 


Other original Canvas Paintings 

Hunting Submission 2014: Fearless Art:  "? Quien Compra Pelitos": "Who buys Little Hairs?"

Hunting Submission  2015, "Officer Luvchild"