GARB: some our assorted custom images created for T-shirts:

Gatica Art  281-441-9714

Most of the designs were created  with my own method, and airbrush.
The last two bottom images were created in Photoshop and are iron transfers.
These were created for myself, friends and family.





GARB 1cap.jpg (43610 bytes)   GARB 2 Gatica logo design.jpg (32058 bytes)   GARB CAPrear.jpg (41588 bytes)  GARBben.jpg (49199 bytes)






sGARBEssies T.jpg (37015 bytes)  GARBJUDYs T.jpg (58743 bytes)  GARBGaticaArt shirt 3.jpg (37667 bytes)   GARBGaticalogo.jpg (28061 bytes)





GARBGaticalogogRAPHIC 3.jpg (49154 bytes)  GARBTransfer.jpg (29325 bytes)  GARBTransfer2.jpg (34629 bytes)

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