On Style: ?The Digital, Jazzy Art Series 
by Gatica
Computer Generated Art Deco: Digital Art Deco




Above: The Artist at his Commodore Amiga 500 computer creating the Digital, Jazzy Art: Circa 1995.

And get this!  the Commodore Amiga500 came from the factory with a maximum 500 Kilobytes of memory - this is equal to the same memory today's average emails have. It is due to this low resolution  that the pieces you see here that gives the pieces a starkly digital feel, which gives them an, interesting pixelated, impressionistic quality that you have never seen before. The pixelation even captures and enhances the horn's pinged metal surface.

Some of the works you are looking at, had been updated and reworked to a more sophisticated level, but, unfortunately were lost.  This is not good, because the erased works will never be viewed or enjoyed by anyone, again. It's ironic that something that took a few days to create could be wiped away at the stroke of a key, in a techno-second.  I guess those works are out in some kind of techno-limbo.  I however, have learned my lesson, and shed my tears and have resolved that there is nothing left to do but go forward.

Conclusively, I feel these computer-generated illustrations/art are testament that passionate, sexy art can be created on an inanimate cold machine, as the computer.  For example - "Piano Bar" or "Blowing in the Wind" and "Light my Fire".  I think these pieces are HOT and one can feel the passion behind there creation!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

"Hey, just like artist, Pablo Picasso had his 'Blue Period' I consider these works from my 'Digital Period,"  says Gatica. 

Thank you for listening.


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As a freelance commercial artist and designer, I've been designing, experimenting and creating for over 20 years. While creating for others along the way, it has afforded the wherewithal to create for myself in between clients to develop my own style. 

I have also attended numerous, New York Art Expo's and their seminars to keep up with what?s new and distinctive - this is why I'm excited about these works - I'm convinced they fall in this category. I've used the airbrush for over twenty years and experimented by incorporating various mediums and techniques - always with the emphasis on originality. These computer works, for instance, are a combination of a high-tech digital painting, and airbrush shadowing techniques, resulting in a personal, distinctive style.

The "Jazz" series are a compilation of sheik, high, fashion figures and jazz musicians in night club settings. "I'm sure you'll agree - this style has never crossed your path." Working with the human form has always been one of favorites. It is usually found in most of my works.

When I first heard of computer graphic/art programs I was skeptical, because I felt an inanimate, high tech machine would stifle and limit ones creativity, or have limitations.  As always, I was wrong on both accounts because, of course,  no medium limits anyone's imagination, or, is limiting, in itself. he bottom line is that if you enjoy the medium - the medium will work for you.

I enjoyed learning to manipulate the electronic gadgetry in the program to create these series.  All of these works started from scratch on a white, blank screen, as opposed, to manipulating imported digitized or scanned images.  The various tools of the program were manipulated to achieve the desired lines, planes, colors nuances and textures.   I enjoyed exploring this high-tech medium because it was new and challenging.  And, like the airbrush, which I have worked for over 15 years, it also suited my style, temperament and attitude.   Although, neither of these mediums are conventional, and neither is considered a viable art medium by common standards, I maintain that any medium can be used to create, and, if the artist enjoys it, that medium is "viable".

You will notice that these prints are not glossy or refined, but maintain a starkly digital, heavy pixelated quality.  This is because it was a combination of the low memory on the computer and the HP PaintJet printed only at 280 dpi, extremely inferior printer, compared to today's laser like printers.  However, I especially liked this, because it gives the images a surreal, impressionistic feel, that, I feel compliments these works, and gives the overall work a brassy feel that coincides with the brass horns and, jazzy theme.  Overall, it presents a different look in art.

  To find out more about what Gatica?s muse has to say on the inspiration behind these Jazzy images see Reflections - ?A Few Words by the Artist?.  

These computer-generated works of art, Digital Images were created on an old, window-based Commodore AMIGA500 computer, using the  Digi Paint software, and printed on Hewlett Packard HP PaintJet printer. This was when (MS) Micro Soft Windows was just a infant in the personal computer market. Read: On the Computer as an Art Medium.

  All the works are original, and go back to 1991.  Unfortunately most of these pieces cannot be recreated, because in January of 1993, I inadvertently erased my hard drive and lost a year or two worth of works including other sketches and ideas.  Luckily, before that accident,, I had downloaded and saved some hard copies.  These are what you see here.

It is a combination of the old programming, low resolution and an inferior printer (compared to today?s high resolution printers) that gives these images the unique, pixilated -starkly digital BUT interesting quality.










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